Gor, according to John Norman, author of the Gor novels, is a barbaric planet, ruled by the Priest Kings who have little to no interest in humans past that they are “interesting, rational creatures.” Gor is a planet where humanity (there are at least five other sentient species on Gor) is ruled by men of integrity. Women are subsequent to the will of men.

Honor is the primary tenant of the protagonists of the novels of Gor.

Through Gorean role play men and women may learn of the most basic relationships between the sexes. This makes Gorean role play unique among role play venues. While Gor is a role play theme, Gor is not a game. Realistic Gorean role play then becomes very different from other role playing genre. For instance, multiple characters are not tolerated in Gorean role play. You must “be” who you are and not several other people at the same time. The importance of life and death of a Gorean name is critical, because if death has no meaning, neither does life. If life has no meaning, then neither does honor, integrity, or all the other principles that govern Goreans.

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